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True Star Wars

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New Backgrounds (a.k.a. Species)


TSW Feats


Force Powers


Weapons Rules


TSW Armor


Miscellaneous Equipment


Unit Conversions


Starship Combat


Starships and Other Vehicles


Level Progressions


Notable figures


A Completely Unrelated Resource for Setting Information


Fatigue Save Tracker

- Simply save the image, print and move a token along the Difficulty path.


Special Options

Many thanks to Green Ronin and the True20 development team for their excellent system. Also to the posters on the True20 forums, especially Ether and Prescient, whose own work inspired many of my design choices. Special thanks go to my editors Ian "iwatt" Watt, "Sigmund" and "Ether" who helped me correct my many errors; those that remain are my fault, not theirs. Finally, to my playtesters Jack, Kevin, Sam, Martin, and Matt.

A special thanks goes to Steve Kenson for his inspiration for my Dark Side rules and his general invention of the True20 mechanics. A similar thanks goes to Corey Reid for his amazing Hot Pursuit rules and their help in designing my Starship Combat system.


This is up mostly for my own reference and that of my players. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes and I'm sure I've failed to give credit to all those that deserve it. For those of you that this applies to, I apologize sincerely.

Well, I haven't completely finished the Notable figures section but I'm finally admitting that I won't finish them. This project is as complete as it's going to get, I think. Thanks for all the interest and encouragement. I hope you enjoy it.

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