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Display: Visual

Manifestation Time: Attack action

Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)

Target: One creature or object within range

Duration: 1 round

Saving Throw: Will negates (object)

Power Resistance: Yes (object)

Power Point Cost: 1

You may move and manipulate an object as if you were using one hand. The target may be moved vertically, horizontally, longitudinally, and rotationally at a speed of 20 ft per round. It is very difficult to perform fine manipulations such as typing, tying and untying knots or playing an instrument; such actions, if possible, should require an Intelligence check to perform properly (DC 12 or higher as appropriate). The target object or creature may not weigh more than 5 pounds per manifester level.

You may hurl an object or creature using this power, with a range increment of 10 ft. If you suceed at a ranged attack roll then the target takes 1 point of damage for every 25 pounds of the object or creature hurled; especially dense objects, such as rocks, deal 1d6 damage per full 25 pounds. Creatures hurled take 1d6 damage per ten feet travelled.

Augment: You may increase the maximum weight of the target by +5 pounds per manifester level at a cost of 2 power points per increase.


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