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Supernatural Trickster

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Supernatural tricksters are small, agile, and physically weak, but their prodigious intellects and arcane abilities make them vexing foes. A supernatural trickster is unlikely to defeat a party of adventurers on its own, but it can function as a useful servant to a powerful NPC or villain. The supernatural trickster villain class fills these archetypes:

  • A clever imp that serves as a sorcerer’s familiar.
  • A spy or infiltrator sent by a demon lord or villain to watch the party’s actions.
  • A minor fey that harasses its foes, forcing them to waste time while a larger threat readies itself.

Supernatural tricksters are often used as messengers, servants, advisors, and spies. They rarely gain direct power, but their wise counsel and clever political maneuverings allow them to exercise a surprising degree of authority in some realms. Always ambitious, they are the most likely to serve a mortal master willingly in hopes of gaining more power, prestige, or knowledge of the world of man. Still, a supernatural trickster is always at the mercy of others. It lacks the magical and physical abilities needed for a direct confrontation. Instead, these beings must rely on trickery and a well-timed retreat to survive and thrive.

Level: A supernatural trickster’s Level ranges from 1 to 12. While they have access to a variety of magical powers, they’re physically weak. The most successful tricksters eventually ascend the supernatural hierarchy to become magical masterminds or even supernatural generals.

Abilities: A supernatural trickster’s Level determines its ability scores. These beings are mentally capable but physically limited. When creating a supernatural trickster you may:

  • Subtract 1 point from any physical ability (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution) and grant a +1 bonus to any mental ability (Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma).
  • Subtract 1 point from any mental ability and give a +1 bonus to any other mental ability.

You can subtract points from a score only once, but a score can receive multiple increases. For example, you could impose a –1 penalty to a supernatural trickster’s Strength and Dexterity and give a +2 bonus to a single mental score or a +1 bonus to two different scores.

Skills: Supernatural tricksters are master manipulators and political strategists. They also excel at taking cover when a fight breaks out. A supernatural trickster has ranks equal to its Level + 3 in Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Knowledge (choose areas appropriate to the individual trickster), Notice, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth. You can substitute different skills if you wish. Apply the trickster’s ability scores as normal.

Feats: A supernatural trickster gains feats according to its Level. Most of the feats listed below allow it to successfully navigate treacherous social circles. You can substitute different feats if you wish. The creature gains the feats listed for its Level and all lower Levels.

1Canny Dodge (Intelligence), Contacts
2Well Informed
5Fascinate (Bluff or Diplomacy)
6Fascinate (Bluff or Diplomacy)
10Mass Suggestion

Base Combat Bonuses: Supernatural tricksters excel at avoiding attacks, but they are pitiful at actually landing a blow. As such, they make use of the split combat option to have separate progressions for attack and defense. This is given in the form of {attack bonus}/{defense bonus}.

Saving Throws: Owing to their speed and keen mental abilities, supernatural tricksters have good Reflex and Will saves. Since they are physically puny, they have poor Fortitude saves.

Speed and Movement Modes: Supernatural tricksters have a base speed of 40 feet. They can gain additional movement modes as described under “Special Abilities.”

Size: Supernatural tricksters are size Small. See True20 Adventure Roleplaying for the effects of small size. They can decrease this size as described under “Special Abilities.”

Supernatural tricksters gain the following capabilities based on their Level. In some cases, you select one of several options based on the villain's level.

Natural Attacks: A supernatural trickster has natural attacks that depend on its physical form. Appropriate damage is given on the level progression table. In most cases, a supernatural trickster has a primary attack of two claws and a secondary attack of a bite, though most of these creatures prefer to rely on their magical abilities.

Defense: A supernatural trickster is adept at avoiding attacks. This may be due to magical enchantments, mythical reflexes, martial training, natural adaptations, or some other source. The trickster gains a bonus to defense based upon level, as indicated. This bonus may or may not be a dodge bonus, as appropriate to the Narrator's conception of the trickster.

Damage Reduction: A supernatural trickster has damage reduction values based on its Level, as shown below.

Power Resistance: A supernatural trickster has a powerful link to magic, allowing it to shrug off spells with minimal effort. A supernatural trickster has power resistance equal to its level + 15.

Special Abilities: Supernatural tricksters with sufficiently high Levels gain access to special abilities. The trickster starts with two abilities at level 1 and increases this number as indicated on the table. The total number of abilities is given in parenthesis. The abilities are listed below in alphabetical order, with a Level value next to them. A supernatural trickster can gain an ability if its Level is equal to or higher than the ability’s Level. Some abilities automatically improve with a trickster’s Level; you don’t have to spend extra selections to grant the creature the new benefits. For example, the regeneration ability improves as the creature’s Level increases.

Bonus Feat (1): The creature gains one bonus feat each time you select this ability. It must meet all prerequisites.

Chameleon (1): The demon has the ability to shift its color or otherwise blend into the environment. It gains a bonus to Stealth checks based on its Level.

LevelChameleon Bonus

Flight (1): The being gains the ability to fly with good maneuverability. Its flight speed equals double its base land movement rate. A Level 3 or higher trickster has perfect maneuverability.

Poison (1): One of the being’s attacks delivers a poison. Only one attack can gain this ability. For example, an imp may have two claws but only one can deliver the poison. The poison’s strength and save difficulty depends on the demon’s Level. When you select this ability, choose the ability score affected by the poison.

  • If you choose a score other than Constitution, the poison inflicts the damage listed in the “Supernatural trickster Poison by Level” table below.
  • If you choose Constitution, the poison inflicts damage as if the demon were one Level lower than its actual CR. You cannot pick Constitution damage for a Level 1 demon.

Supernatural Trickster Poison by Level


Regeneration (1): The creature gains regeneration against all damage types except fire and acid. The bonus to its recovery checks depends upon its level.


Size Tiny (3): The trickster’s size decreases to Tiny, granting it an improved size bonus to combat and Stealth checks. Its ability scores are unchanged by the size change, though the creature's damage bonus decreases by 1.

Supernatural Power (3): Each time you select this ability, the trickster gains access to one new magical ability. Pick one appropriate power. The trickster is treated as having and adept level equal to his Level for the purposes of this power.


{Restriction Go Here}


Superior Speed (CR 1): Each time you select this ability, the demon’s base speed increases by two squares (10 feet). If it also has the flight ability, recalculate its air speed based on its new ground speed.

1+0/+1+0+2+22 abilities+1+12-2+2+0+3+1+2
2+1/+2+0+3+3+1 (3)+1+22-2+2+0+3+1+2
3+1/+3+1+4+4 +1+22-1+3+1+3+1+3
4+2/+4+1+4+4+1 (4)+1+34-1+3+1+4+2+3
5+2/+5+1+5+5 +2+34+0+4+2+4+2+4
6+3/+6+1+6+6+1 (5)+2+44+0+4+2+4+2+4
7+3/+7+2+7+7 +2+46+0+4+2+4+2+4
8+4/+8+2+7+7+1 (6)+2+56+0+4+2+4+2+4
9+4/+9+2+8+8 +3+56+0+4+2+4+2+4
10+5/+10+2+9+9+1 (7)+3+68+0+4+2+4+2+4
11+5/+11+2+10+10 +3+68+0+4+2+4+2+4
12+6/+12+3+10+10+1 (8)+3+78+0+4+2+4+2+4

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