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Vehicles are not affected by the lightsaber's special ability to reduce the toughness of objects.

A cost of * indicates that the object is more plot device than product of wealth, making it available only at Narrator discretion.

Vehicle Strengths have been corrected to equate to character Strengths, as per the errata.


Drive: The drive skill is used for all surface vehicles, both land and water.

Pilot: The pilot skill is used for all atmospheric and space vehicles.

Repulsorlift: Regardless of classification, all repulsorlift vehicles can be controlled with the Pilot skill.

Astrogation: Getting from one star system to another is a Difficulty 10 Computers check that takes ten minutes. Success or failure is a plot device, but the time to program in a jump is not.

For Narrators and players that want a chance for the ship to randomly appear inside an asteroid, thus killing the entire party, such mechanics can be found in other versions of Star Wars role playing games.


Area: Most vehicular weapon area attacks are a 10 m radius (five squares). These can be adjusted for cinematic purposes if necessary.


Civilian Surface

Fast Landspeeder

Large+89+7-1240 kph34

Small, fast and popular repulsorlift vehicles, fast speeders are limited to rising no more than a few meters above the surface. Able to comfortably seat two, or uncomfortably seat four, these vehicles are also popular with many security forces for rapid transportation of a pair of agents.

Heavy Landspeeder

Large+109+8-2190 kph34

Larger and slower than but just as popular as their faster cousins, heavy landspeeders are commonly used for carrying small groups of passengers or moderate cargo loads. Some security force models have been modified with heavy weaponry to create a light combat car.

Individual Landspeeder

Medium+010+5+0240 kph23

These tiny repulsorlift craft are designed to transport one person at high speeds from one area to another. Rarely used by any security force, these craft are unsuited to military modifications.


Huge+158+9-8900 kph38

Massive, one-person racing vehicles, pods are essentially a small repulsorlift cockpit tied behind multiple massive turbine engines. Derived from ancient chariot racing traditions, pod racing is at least as popular and deadly as its ancestor sport. Eventually this sport will be outlawed throughout the galaxy, though the vehicles are still some of the fastest, and least controlled, surface craft in existence.

Speeder bikes

Large+59+7-1300 kph34

Also known as hover bikes, speeder bikes are open-air repulsorlift vehicles, usually carrying one or two passengers. Speeder bikes emphasize speed and maneuverability over conventional speeders and are popular with thrill-seeking teenagers and military scouts. A typical speeder bike had a maximum altitude of 10 meters and can thus maneuver deftly over very rough terrain. Some companies manufactured extras, like sidecars, for speeder bikes.


Huge+108+9-3100 kph36

These small, commercial submersibles are common on every planet with large bodies of water. Used for everything from commuting to police patrol, they fill the same role as air and land speeders do, but underwater. Various manufacturers make dozens of different designs, but it is rare to see a submersible that was not manufactured on the world where it is used.


Large+59+7-4600 kph36

Essentially a stripped down speeder bike, swoop bikes are used for competitive racing. Lacking most of the controls, brake systems and other 'useless mass' of normal speeders, swoop bikes can reach truly amazing speeds at the price of very unpredictable controls. Unlike with podracing, racers run the course individually, competing to see who can get the lowest time. This practice greatly reduces the danger and fatality rates, as the tactics used by some podracers cannot be utilized in a swoop race, though many riders die when thrown from their vehicles during a crash.

Military Surface


Huge+158+13-455 kph *

The Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank is a repulsorlift vehicle designed for frontal assaults on relatively flat terrain. With a four droid crew, a heavy laser cannon (area, +15 Fire) turrent, two linked blasters (+8 fire, autofire) and six plasma shell launchers (area, +20 explosion) on the forward armor, the AAT is a powerful and deadly weapons platform. Despite this it has very weak armor on its flanks, top, bottom and rear, making it extremely vulnerable to flanking fire.


Colossal+302+19-860 kph *

An All-Terrain Armored Transport is a four legged armored walker with a crew of five, passenger capacity for fourty fully armed troopers and is generally armed with a pair of fire-linked heavy laser cannons (area, +20 Fire) and a pair of fire-linked medium blasters (+10, Fire, autofire) mounted on the pivoting cockpit of the vehicle.



Huge+108+13-290 kph *

The All-Terrain Scout Transport is a small, two-legged walker with a two man crew and an armament of forward mounted twin fire-linked blaster cannon (+16 Fire), fire-linked light blaster cannons in an 'ear' turret (+10 Fire) and a forward facing concussion grenade launcher (area, +8 explosion).


Gargantuan+204+17-460 kph *

The All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer was first developed for the Grand Army of the Republic, the Clone Army of the Clone Wars, and could carry 20 troops or 60 tons of cargo. Crewed by a driver, co-driver and five gunners, the AT-TE is armed with a powerful projectile cannon (area, +12 explosion) on the front, and six light blaster cannons arranged around the vehicle (+8 fire).

Scout Speeder

Large+59+7-2500 kph40

A highly maneuverable repulsorlift vehicle equipped with comlink jamming devices and armed with a forward laser cannon (+10 fire), a scout speeder is a popular tool for reconnaissance and rapid battlefield transport. A typical model of scout speeder is capable of seating up to two people and has maximum altitude of 10 meters.


Civilian Air


Huge+108+9-21,000 kph39

This light, unarmed airspeeder is a reliable and servicable craft, popular with many different clients. Capable of transporting four passengers and tens of kilos of cargo easily, many families use this speeder on a daily basis.

T-16 Skyhopper

Huge+108+9-21,200 kph40

Manufactured by the Incom Corporation, this popular high-performance airspeeder is capable of sub-orbital flight. Its controls are very similar to those of Incom's popular X-Wing starfighters, making the T-16 a common flight trainer. A variant can be purchased (+1 Cost) armed with a light repeating blaster (+10 fire, autofire), making this craft popular with planetary law enforcement.

Military Air

Cloud Car

Huge+108+9-21,500 kph48

Generally designed around a twin pod design, cloud cars were used for atmospheric defense and patrol operations. Each pod was equipped with a cockpit and a weapon mount that usually held a blaster cannon (+10 fire). Propelled by a combination of an ion engine and a standard repulsorlift, the engines were generally exposed to help prevent overheating.


Gargantuan+206+13-6620 kph *

The Low Altitude Assault Transport is a common sight with any Republic armada. Used to deploy troops (up to 30) and vehicles (up to six speeders) to a planet's surface, the LAAT also serves as a support gunship, anti-fighter vehicle and search and rescue ship. Heavily armored and armed with three blaster cannon turrets (area, +12 Fire), eight anti-air missile launchers (+15 Explosion), two concussion missle launchers (area, +20 Explosion) and two pitot controlled heavy lasers (+10 Fire, autofire), the LAAT and its four clone crew (one pilot, three gunners) is able to provide powerful and timely fire support in all but the heaviest of combat zones.

T-47 Alliance Airspeeder

Huge+138+9-21,000 kph48

Modified from the standard T-47 airspeeder, these vehicles are modified and fieldied by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Equipped with a tow cable and two laser cannons (+12 fire), this variant speeder is modified heavily for combat opernations in a variety of hostile environments including frozen wastes, stagnant swamps and blistering deserts.

V-Wing Airspeeder

Huge+108+9-21,000 kph48

The V-wing is a combat airspeeder developed by the New Republic to replace aging cloud cars and allow more expensive starfighters to focus on space combat. Equiped with an efficient repulsorlift, ion afterburners and fire-linked blaster cannons (+15 fire), the V-wing is an effective sub-orbital fighter craft. Though not for sustained use, the scramjet booster engines can be used to push the vehicle's speed as high as 1400 kph; while using the scramjets, the V-Wing's Maneuver worsens by 4. Narrators are encouraged to provide severe, but not absolutely fatal, penalties to pilots who use the scramjet boosters for too long.


Civilian Space

BFF Bulk Freighter

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Awesome+30-2+15 (+18)-12700 kphYes 60

The BFF line of freighters are designed to carry several Class-A cargo containers arrayed about the hull. These containers were of a standard design to facilitate shipping and handling at every port in the galaxy. BFFs were lightly armed with a single light repeating blaster (+9 Fire, autofire) and equipped with a minimal amount of shielding (+3) since they were not designed for a combat zone. They usually travelled as part of a convoy, with the four to ten man crew relying upon the combined power of the entire convoy to fend off pirates and other raiders.

Consular Class Cruiser

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Colossal+252+13 (+19)-8900 kphYes61

This flexible ship is designed for use in multiple roles. It has been used pricipally as a diplomatic vessel, but these craft have also been equipped as light corvettes for Republic law enforcement, remodelled as troop transports and even modified as command and control ships for small battle fleets. Equipped with solid shielding (+6) and designed for a minimum crew of two, the Consular class can support up to eight crewmembers and sixteen passengers with a standard configuration.

Equipping the ship with a pair of turbolaser turrets (+20 Fire) and a pair of concussion grenade launchers (+20 explosion, area if used on terrain) is something only done openly by the Galactic Republic.

CR90 Corvette

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Awesome+30-2+16 (+22)-101,400 kphYes 62

Probably the most popular capital-sized ship in the galaxy, the CR90 is used by groups as disparate as diplomats, smugglers, pirates, the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Designed with a modular and customizable interior to allow it to cater to all customers, the CR90 can accomodate up to 250 passengers and 50 crew comfortably and 600 passengers and 150 crew in an emergency. Well shielded (+6) and armed with a pair of turbolaser turrets (+20 Fire) and four ion cannons (+10 Electricity), the CR90 can fend for itself in all situations short of a pitched battle; unfortunately its turrets have a well known inability to shoot at craft in the shadow of its engines.

Delta-12 Skysprite

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Huge+108+9 (+15)-21,200 kphNo 60

A civilian version of the Delta-7, the skysprite is designed for two people and a limited amount of cargo.

YT series Light Freighter

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Gargantuan506+14 (+23)-41,000 kphYes61

A popular ship amongst smugglers and independant cargo haulers, the YT series freighters are fast, well armed, easily modified, well shielded (+9) and require a minimal crew. Requiring a pilot and co-pilot for normal operations, the YT series is also armed with a quad-laser turret (+15 Fire) for a gunner.

These ships are frequently and heavily modified with the Millennium Falcon and Outrider as prime examples.

Military Space


A-3 Nimbus V-Wing

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Large+59+8 (+11)-1920 kphNo *

The A-3 V-Wing is the predecessor of the Imperial TIE fighter. Armed with fire-linked laser cannons (+15 Fire) and a small shield generator (+3), the V-Wing is crewed by one clone pilot and one astromech droid.

ARC 170

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Huge+108+9 (+15)-4940 kphYes *

The Aggressive Reconaissance 170 is a large and rugged starfighter. Equipped with two forward-facing medium laser cannons (+15 Fire), two rear-facing laser cannons (+15 Fire), one forward mounted proton torpedo launcher (+30 explosion, area when used on terrain) with six torpedos and a good shield generator (+6), the ARC 170 is crewed by three clone troops and an astromech droid.

Delta-7 Aethersprite

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Huge+108+9 (+15)-21,200 kphNo *

Sometimes referred to as a Jedi Starfighter, the Delta-7 was very popular with the order before the start of the Clone Wars. At that time, one was assigned to every Jedi active in the field. Armed with good shields (+6) and twin laser cannons (+12), it is crewed by one pilot and an integrated astromech.

Eta-2 Actis

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Large+109+8-11,500 kphNo *

The Eta-2, or Jedi Interceptor, was developed during the three years of civil warfare known as the Clone Wars. Though unshielded, its small design allows it to be about as effective as the other starfighters of its era. The Actis is armed with two large laser cannons (+15 Fire) and two ion cannons (+8 Electricity) and crewed by one pilot and a supplemental astromech droid.

N-1 Naboo Fighter

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Huge+108+9 (+15)-21,100 kphYes *

The Nubian-1 was a popular starfighter with the government of Naboo. Devloped with a good shield generator (+6), integrated hyperdrive, two laser cannons (+15 Fire) and two proton torpedo launchers (+30 Explosion, area if used on terrain) with five torpedos each, the N-1 is a poweful and dangerous addition to any planetary defense force.

TIE Fighter

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Large+109+8-01,200 kphNo *

The TIE/ln starfighter, often referred to as the TIE Fighter, is the standard Imperial starfighter and is seen in massive numbers throughout the Galactic Civil War. The TIE figher is used in large enough numbers to overwhelm the enemy defenses regardless of quality. The actual craft is solidly designed around twin ion engines and fire linked laser cannons (+15 Fire), though the lack of integrated shielding or onboard life support has caused most non-Imperial pilots to regard it as a death trap.

V-19 Torrent

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Large+109+7 (+10)-01,000 kphVarries, some models *

An assault fighter of exceptional speed and maneuverability, the V-19 is heavily used by the Republic after the start of the Clone Wars. Armed with two laser cannons (+10 Fire, autofire) and two well stocked concussion missle launchers (area +20 Explosion), the V-19 is crewed by a single clone pilot.

X-Wing Series Fighter

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Huge+108+9 (+15)-21,050 kphYes *

The X-wing carries four fire-linked laser cannons (+18 Fire) and two proton torpedo launchers (+30 Explosion, area if used on terrain). Other warheads, such as concussion missiles, can be fired from the launchers with signifigant refit by ground crews but the overall versatility of the proton torpedo is ideally suited to the X-wing's varied mission profile. The good shielding (+6) provides some protection for the pilot and astromech navigator.

Z-95 Headhunter

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Huge+108+9 (+15)-11,150 kphNo *

An older design, but a very effective one, the Z-95 Headhunter is still a respected starfighter. Equipped with two fire-linked laser cannons (+15 Fire), twin concussion missle launchers (+20 Explosion, area if used on terrain) and good shielding (+6), the Headhunter is one of the deadliest single pilot fighters in the galaxy.

Capital Ships

Assassin-class Corvette

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Awesome+30-2+20 (+29)-101,400 kphYes *

The Assassin-class corvette, better known as the modified corvette, is a small warship first produced some time before the Battle of Hoth and used primarily by the Imperial Navy. The Assassin-class is used alongside the CR90, that it is based upon, in system patrol squadrons to repel pirates and Rebel attacks on convoys and space stations. It is also used by the Rebels in hit-and-fade operations and by several groups as a transport for high-priority cargo and personnel.

These ships are armed with six dual-turbolaser turrets (+20 Fire) and one concussion missle launcher (+20 Explosion, area if used on terrain) and ten missles. The designers had learned from the CR90 and the Assassin-class does not have the same 'blind spot'.

Braha'tok-class Gunship

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Awesome+25-2+18 (+27)-102,000 kphYes *

Purely a military design, the Braha'tok-class is made exclusively for space combat, has no room for ground troops and only a minimal amount of hangar space. All areas of command and control of the ship are centered in the hammer-like bow. The 75 member crew may utilize its eight pairs of turbolasers (+20 Fire) and eight concussion missle launcers (+20 Explosion, area if used on terrain) to devastating effect in combat.

Terrain Ships

Narrator's Note: The statistics provided are for use in massive engagements, if members of the party find themselves aboard such a craft and fighting against similar vessels. When using these vessels as set pieces for a space encounter (their usual function in True Star Wars), assign various points on the ships, such as shield generators, weapon turrets, hangar bays, engines and the bridge, appropriate defense, attack, damage and toughness scores for the desired difficulty of the encounter.

Acclamator class assault ship

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Terrain+45-4+20 (+38)-12600 kphYes *

The 752 meter long Acclamator I-class assault transport carries thousands of Galactic Republic clone troopers into battle. These ships are armed with 4 heavy torpedo launch tubes, 24 point-defense laser cannons and 12 quad turbolaser turrets. Acclamator class ships are capable of destroying the surface of an entire planet with combined fire.

Death Star

The Death Star series of battle stations are plot devices. They are so tough as to only be destroyed under certain special circumstances, and so powerful as to destroy any target hit by their main cannon. The main cannon has a very long recharge time (24 hours for the first death star, a few minutes for the second), making it not a weapon to be used lightly. Numerous turbolasers, turboblasters, laser cannons, ion cannons and point defense batteries allow these stations to combat entire fleets at the same time.

Design the encounter locations of a death star as appropriate to your heroes and the challenge you intend from this encounter.

EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Terrain+35-4+20 (+38)-121,200 kphYes *

The EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate is a 300 meter-long warship that is built for the Imperial Navy to protect convoys from Rebel starfighters. They are eventually used extensively by both sides in the Galactic Civil War, as the Rebel Alliance also acquires a number of these ships through defection, victory spoils or by outright theft.

Usually armed with 12 turbolasers, 12 laser cannons and up to 24 hull mounted starfighters, the Nebulon-B is frequently modified for varying roles that would change this load.

Executor-class Super Star Destroyer

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Terrain+75-8+34 (+64)-16800 kphYes *

Over 19,000 meters long, almost twelve times the length of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Executor class sports more than 5,000 turbolasers and ion cannons, wings of TIE fighters, at least 200 other combat and support ships, 5 prefabricated garrison bases, and enough stormtroopers and walkers to destroy any conceivable Rebel base. Practically a fleet unto itself, these vessels are rare even amongst the massive fleets of the Galactic Empire.

Imperial I Star Destroyer

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Terrain+45-4+20 (+41)-121,000 kphYes *

1600 meters long and crewed by 5 to 35 thousand individuals, a Star Destroyer is a huge investment of materials, man power and energy. Only built by order of the galactic government, and almost never in civilian ownership, these craft are very nearly the largest and most dangerous vessels in space. Excepting assorted 'superweapons', the Star Destroyer is only outclassed by a few types of vessels, none as numerous as this symbol of Imperial might.

The Imperial I-class Star Destroyer possesses a main battery of 12 heavy turbolasers and 4 heavy ion cannons, arranged in eight dual mounts flanking the ship's tower structure. It also has numerous smaller weapons and four tractor beams (allow grapple attempts) arrayed about its titanic hull.

MC80 Star Cruiser

SizeStrengthDefenseToughnessManeuverSpeedIntegral HyperdriveCost
Terrain+35-4+22 (+40)-12900 kphYes *

Mon Calamari Cruisers come in many models and sizes. The earliest ones are converted passenger liners and massive freighters but later models are dedicated warships, purpose built to combat Star Destroyers and similarly impressive vessels. Though slightly smaller, lighter and less powerful than their Imperial opponents, the shielding on these vessels is sufficient to let them last in a prolonged engagement against more heavily armed vessels. These vessels are typically armed with 48 turbolasers, 20 ion batteries and a healthy complement of fighters and other small spacecraft.


Vehicular upgrades are generally available as either factory options or after-market upgrades. When purchased separately, use the Cost column for pricing and an appropriate Craft check (Difficulty 25) to intall the item. When purchased as a factory option, use the Add-on Cost to increase the Cost of the base vehicle.

The various upgrades can be purchased numerous times and applied to the same vehicle. Their benefits stack to a maximum of double the vehicle's base ability.



Strength IncreaseDrawbackCostAdd-on Cost

Upgraded powerplants allow a vehicle to carry greater loads over worse terrain but tend to either hamper speed, due to altered energy transfer systems, or hinder maneuverability, due to less precise controls. The listed drawbacks are a penalty to Maneuver or the penalty to Speed, respectively. Generally, only one drawback should be applied.


ManeuverSpeedCostAdd-on Cost

These devices provide much greater control and maneuverability at the price of increased mass and drag. Each +1 to maneuverability decreases the speed of the vehicle by 50 kph.


SpeedManeuverCostAdd-on Cost
+100 kph-120+2

More powerful thrusters allow a vehicle to move much more quickly but this speed reduces a pilot's time to react to the environment, making all maneuvers more difficult.



ToughnessManeuverSpeedStrengthCostAdd-on Cost
+2-2-100 kph-522+2

Armor plating can be applied to almost any vehicle, dramatically increasing its longevity while hampering its performance. Purchasing quantities of vehicle armor causes alerts to appear at most local law enforcement agencies.

Weapon Mounts

Minimum StrengthMaximum Weapon DamageCostAdd-on Cost


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