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Group Changes:

  • Stealth: Add Slieght of Hand to the Stealth group.


New uses:

  • Handle Animal:

Advancing Animals: Each check (DC 20) allows you to increase the Hit Dice of the creature you are advancing by one. The total Hit Dice the creature earns in this manner may not exceed your ranks in the Handle Animal skill. Advance the creature's statistics as normal after increasing it's Hit Dice. This use is Trained Only.

Time: Three weeks.

Advance Multiple Creatures: You may try to advance more than one creature at a time by accepting a +5 to the Difficulty of the Handle Animal check per additional creature to be advanced.

Quick Advancement: You may accept a +5 to the DC to reduce the amount of time required to complete this task by one-quarter ( Down to 16 days ). Alternatively you may choose to accept a +10 to the DC in order to reduce the amount of time required to complete this task by one-half ( Down to 11 Days ).

Rapid Advancement: You can toughen and strengthen an animal more quickly than normal by accepting a +5 to the DC per additional Hit Die you wish to increase the creature. You may not attempt to advance a creature by more Hit Dice, per check, than one-third of your Handle Animal Modifier. (This includes all relevant bonuses regarding the specified creature.)

  • Perform (sing):

Wail of the Banshee: As a standard action, you may attempt a Perform (sing) check (DC 20) to deal 1d6 sonic damage in a 30 foot radius centered on yourself. Every creature within the radius, including the performer, may make a Fortitude save for half damage (DC 10 + 1/2 level + Charisma bonus). The damage can be increased by increasing the target DC by +5 for every +1d6 damage desired, though no damage is dealt if the check fails. This use of perform can be countersonged.


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