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Display: None

Manifestation Time: Attack action

Range: Personal

Area: 5 ft radius/level

Duration: 1 minute/level

Saving Throw: None

Power Resistance: No

Power Point Cost: 1

You surround yourself with a low-level electromagnetic bubble, not detectable by normal people but sufficient to defeat most electronic transmissions including cell phones, radio broadcasts and TV signals. Hardwired effects (cable TV) and self contained devices (video cameras) are not affected. Affected devices receive scrambled signals and white noise, obvious signs of jamming.

Augment: By increasing the cost by two points, the bubble can be intensified to affect hardwired devices including wired telephones.

By increasing the cost by eight points, you can cause one object within range to transmit false signals of your desire. Everyone viewing such signals at the time of manifestation is entitled to a Will save (and power resistance) to see the actual signal. Viewers that arrive after the manifestation automatically see the truth even if the duration is still in affect.


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