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Display: Visual

Manifestation Time: Attack action

Range: Medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)

Target: You

Duration: Instantaneous

Power Point Cost: 5

You instantaneously transfer yourself and touched objects to the targeted location. You must be able to see the location and it must be within range of the power. If the path is blocked by any object, even one as ephemeral as a curtain, then this power fails to work. You cannot bring more than your medium load, nor can you bring along living matter in excess of 20 pounds.

Once you have used this power, you may not take any further actions this round.

If you would arrive in a place occupied by a solid object then this power does not function.

Augment: Expending four additional power points allows you to travel to any location within range that you can describe; a description of "120 feet straight down" is sufficient for the purposes of this power. You may bring along 500 pounds of non-living matter or up to 250 pounds of living matter (for mixed loads count each pound of living matter as 2 pounds of non-lving).

For two additional power points you may alter the benefits of this power dramatically. Range changes to touch and target alters to creature touched. Duration changes to 10 minutes and Power Resistance can apply (no save). The target may move about normally for the duration, even if powers or the environment would normally prohibit such movement. The target may also move and attack with melee weapons normally while underwater, provided that the target has a way to breathe and survive the crushing depths. This alternative augmentation can have its duration increased at the rate of +10 minutes per additional power point spent.


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