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Miscellaneous Equipment

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Most of the equipment listed in True20 Adventure Roleplaying is appropriate and available in True Star Wars.

Equipment Weight Cost
Bacta Injector0.5 kg28
Bacta Tank600 kg34
Holorecorder1.5 kg23
Security Kit1 kg17
Sensor Pack9 kg19


Bacta Injector

Bacta is a unique substance with almost magical healing properties. Used to treat serious wounds, bacta injectors are extremely expensive but powerful items capable of rapid healing. This small device functions as an emergency medical kit. Only usable once, it allows a recipient to make an immediate recovery check with a +4 bonus. When used on a Dying character, they get an immediate stabalization check with a +8 bonus.

Bacta Tank

A full-immersion tank filled with bacta, this device is used to treat serious injuries over the long term. Due to its weight and expense, bacta tanks are only available in major medical facilities on planets or space stations. Characters immersed in a bacta tank may make recovery checks every hour with a +4 bonus.


This small device can be used to record up to 200 hours of holographic imagery and has the ability to play back with full 3-D display. Most models have an external data port allowing the use of memory sticks to expand recording capacity.

Security Kit

A specialized tool kit for overcoming electronic and mechanical security, these kits are generally illegal without proper permits. Most models have various sensors and electronic components and almost all masterwork versions include a comlink keyed to standard silent alarm frequencies.

Sensor Pack

This bulky device provides the ability to detect and monitor life signs, energy emmisions and communication signals within 50 meters. It grants a +2 bonus on Notice and Search checks within this radius. Masterwork models are acommonly vailable, though at the standard increase in cost.


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