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The Mindwreckers believe that mental powers are the world’s most avant-garde art form, and that they should be left alone to allow their artistry to flourish. However, their “artistry” seems to focus mainly on hurting innocent people and destroying public and private property. They believe that anyone who does not have mental powers is merely clay or canvas to be molded by a skilled craftsperson. Often they videotape their criminal activities to add to their portfolios. What’s more, they brand anyone whom they believe to have psychic abilities yet opposes their activities a “mindcriminal,” and target that person and his or her family, business, and property for especially destructive “performances.”

Whether these are a bunch of extremely violent, delusional delinquents or actually a psionic terrorist group is still unclear. Whenever a clear leadership seems to have emerged, the group’s activities become random and chaotic again. Either way, the Mindwreckers are a dangerous organization of extremists who live to cause mayhem in the lives of the people they call “little brains.”

The Mindwreckers love publicity, they do it all in the name of “freedom of the mind,” and claim to be “psychic warriors” and “the world’s elite psionicists,” but they hate when unexpected witnesses ruin their performances by taking information to the authorities. As a result, the group seems to have pioneered a power that allows them to block the memories of anyone whose lips they want to seal temporarily.

Threat Level and Nature

High: It is a radical group that regularly is involved in disturbing the peace, assault, torture, and even extremely violent terrorist activities. Their chaotic nature would indicate a lack of leadership or any sort of real organization; however, they have been known to cooperate in intricate and well-planned actions in the past. The current leading theory is that it is a cell-based organization with standing instructions to commit as much violence and chaos as possible until orders change.



Known Mindwreckers



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