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Level Progressions

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Leveling rules

The basic rules for gaining levels remain the same as in the True20 Adventure Roleplaying book; the following provide campaign specific clarifications and expansions.


Multi-Role Heroes:

Saving Throws: A multi-role hero subtracts two from the saving throw of the best save in every role after the first.


Example: Mace Windu is a tenth level Warrior and a tenth level Adept, with Adept as his starting role. His warrior levels give him a Fortitude save of +7, a Reflex save of +3 and a Will save of +3. His adept levels give him a Fortitude save of +3, a Reflex save of +3 and a Will save of +7. After applying the multirole penalties and adding together his saving throws, he has a Fortitude save of +8 (+7 +3 -2), a Reflex save of +6 (+3 +3) and a Will save of +10 (+3 +7).


Example: Talorn Benth is a third level Warrior. When he gains another level he decides to go into the Expert role and chooses Fortitude as the good save from that role. Talorn's warrior levels give him +3 Fortitude, +1 Reflex and +1 Will while his expert levels give him +0 (+2 -2) Fortitude, +0 Reflex and +0 Will for total saves of +3 Fortitude, +1 Reflex and +1 Will.

If Talorn continues in his Expert role then at second level he would gain +1 to Fortitude save and upon achieving third level in that role he would gain +1 to all three saving throws. +1 (+3 -2) Fortitude, +1 Reflex and +1 Will from being a third level Expert with a good fortitude save.


Epic Heroes:


Continue combat progressions for each role according to the same formula used for the first twenty levels ( +1 per level for Warriors, +3 per four levels for Experts and +1 per two levels for Adepts). This ensures that there are real benefits to continuing in the more martial roles.

Saving Throws

The saving throw formula ceases to be balanced as levels extend further and further past twenty. Instead, increase all saving throws by +1 at each even character level after twentieth (22, 24, 26, 28, 30, etc.).


Characters' maximum conviction increases by two at each odd level, as normal.



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