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Level Dependant Benefits

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Primary Benefit

All heroic characters gain a bonus to all ability checks, defenses, and reputation checks equal to half of their character level. This (normally) represents a character's overall competence and ability to coordinate efforts based upon a wide variety of experiences.


Most checks are a modified ability check. Attack rolls are an ability check (determined by the attack being used) modified by the equipment used, any applicable feats and other appropriate modifiers. Skill checks are an ability check that adds any skill training, equipment, feat, and situational modifiers


Ability Checks

As they gain experience and advance in level, Alloy Heroes learn how to better use their natural gifts (or compensate for their natural weaknesses).

Whenever a situation calls for a pure ability check (moving large rubble, balancing a spoonful of nitroglycerin, remembering the details of a lapel pin barely seen on a bodyguard's suit, and so forth), Alloy Heroes may apply the benefits of their heroic experience to the check.



Alloy Heroes end up in physical conflict. While they may not be especially skilled with swords, fists, or firearms, heroes nevertheless have some concept of how to move to minimize their opponents' survival. All attacks consist of an ability check, sometimes combined with an equipment or feat bonus.

For example, shooting a target with a Glock 9mm is a basic ranged attack. You would make a Dexterity check and compare it to the target's Defense. If you were trained in personal firearms then you would gain the Glock's +3 proficiency bonus to the attack.



Defenses are how heroes stay alive. Defenses represent a character's ability to ignore or avoid effects that try to hinder or harm the character. All characters have four defenses, discussed below. All defenses follow a simple formula, as given below.


All Defenses = 10 + 1/2 character level + Class Bonus + Ability / Equipment



Defense is a character's ability to avoid simple attacks. Whether being stabbed by a biker or shot at by terrorists, most attacks target Defense. Defense is modified by a combination of both equipment and ability.

Armor comes in two categories: Light and Heavy. Characters wearing Light or no armor may add the better of their Dexterity or Intelligence modifiers to their Defense. Characters wearing Heavy armor may not add any ability score modifier to their Defense.

Fortitude Defense

Fortitude is a character's ability to resist effects that target his health. Poisons, radiation, diseases, and other effects that try to wear down the body target this defense.

This defense is modified by the better of a character's Strength or Constitution modifiers.

Reflex Defense

Reflex is a character's ability to avoid semi-random effects. Explosions, burst of automatic fire, flamethrowers, and effects that merely need to touch the character to cause harm target this defense.

Reflex is modified by the better of a character's Dexterity or Intelligence modifiers.

Will Defense

Will is a character's ability to stay focused and confident in the face of attempts to the contrary. Most psychological effects, torture, seduction, and effects that attack willpower or confidence target this defense.

Will defense is modified by the better of a character's Wisdom or Charisma modifiers.



This bonus measures a character's innate renown. A character may or may not be recognized personally but his ability will be quickly recognized and associated with a skilled group by those he meets.

Whenever the GM decides that a character’s reputation can be a factor in an encounter, the GM makes a Reputation check INSERT REPUTATION MECHANIC


Secondary Benefits

As Alloy Heroes increase in level, they improve in a number of other ways. They learn new, specialized tricks, as well as improving their innate abilities.


Character Level versus Class Level

Character Level is a character's total level in all classes. This may be more or less than

Class Level is a character's level in a particular class.

Ability Increases

Every four (4) character levels, an Alloy Hero increases two different ability scores by +1 each.



A character gains one feat at every odd character level.

Feats and Abilities Table

Level Feats Ability Score
1 1st, 2nd
2 -
3 3rd
4 - +1 to any two ability scores
5 4th
6 - -
7 5th
8 - +1 to any two ability scores
9 6th
10 - -
11 7th
12 - +1 to any two ability scores
13 8th
14 - -
15 9th
16 - +1 to any two ability scores
17 10th
18 - -
19 11th
20 - +1 to any two ability scores
21 12th -
22 - -
23 13th -
24 - +1 to any two ability scores
25 14th -
26 - -
27 15th -
28 - +1 to any two ability scores
29 16th -
30 - -


Feats: A character gains a feat at the indicated levels. These feats may be any feat of the character's choice but the chracter must meet all prerequisites of the feat.


Ability Scores: The character gains a bonus to ability scores at the indicated levels. At some levels (fourth and every four thereafter) the character gains a +1 to any two scores of the character's choosing. These bonuses are cumulative and are gained regardless of class level.


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Fun Notes

In theory, you could easily extrapolate the above progressions to an infinity of levels. That said, you should probably stop by level thirty. At this point the characters can take one armored vehicles using naught but crowbars and have a decent chance. The average infantry company will be no challenge at all, and even characters like James Bond would be steamrolled over. Player characters at this level might actually be able to successfully rob a bank in a major metropolitan area by gunning down every police officer that tried stop them.

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