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International Counterterrorism Corporation

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International Counter-terrorism Corporation is a private corporation chartered to provide security services to the international community. The ICC has contracts with multiple nations throughout the world and the United Nations, allowing them to collect information, monitor known and suspected terrorists, and act with legal authority to combat the threat of international terrorism. These missions range from surveillance and information acquisition to what is euphemistically known as ‘wet work’. Field offices are located in major cities throughout the world, allowing swift action almost anywhere.

Due to several unprecedented successes in the last few years, and the current climate of fear pervading the world, the ICC is going through a boom period. Contracts are more numerous and more lucrative than ever before, allowing access to more resources and access than field agents have been accustomed to.

Because of the various ideas of justice throughout the world, the ICC is more tolerant of excessive force in the completion of duty than most law enforcement organizations. This does prevent them from working effectively with local law enforcement from time to time, and has been the source of scandals that have threatened ICC contracts in several countries. The current policy is to accept, without question, whatever results are produced as long as the host nation doesn’t comment on the means used.

The ICC is internally divided into eight departments. Department-1 is Administration; Department-2 is recruiting, and training (a.k.a. Personnel). Department-3 is archives and research (the Library); Department-4 is armory, acquisition, munitions, and supplies (the Warehouse); Department-6 is Internal Affairs, they monitor all other departments. Department-7 is Field Operations (or the Grunts); and Department-8 is the Extreme Response Team (Heavies). Heavies are called in whenever a situation does, or is expected to, require extreme force. Heavies are a sign that a mission has gotten very dangerous.

Department-7 asks its operatives to investigate terrorist organizations, operations, and targets. Department-7 often cooperates with enforcement and intelligence organizations, such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, MI-6, Interpol, Japanese Ministry of Justice, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and dozens of others. Local police departments often need to be informed of ICC agents’ authority in a situation, but are usually very cooperative once they know what’s going on. In the absence of an assigned task, agents are free to do whatever they like, but the ICC demands that they maintain an appropriate public profile (in other words, that they not do anything that would break the trust that the organization has established with local governments).

Threat Level and Nature: Not applicable.


Issued Gear

International Counter-terrorism Corporation may not be the richest organization in the world, nor is it the best networked, but it does provide agents with some of the best equipment in the field. Standard issue to all agents consists of the following:

  • Undercover Vest (AC Bonus +3 (+1 Non-proficient), Max Dex +5, Armor Check –2, Weight 3 pounds)
  • SITES M9 Resolver (9mm pistol, Range 30 ft, Magazine 8 Box, Weight 2 pounds, Size Tiny) [Because of it’s design and small size, this weapon grants a +2 bonus to all sleight of hand checks to conceal a weapon. This bonus is in addition to the bonus for being a Tiny weapon (total +6).]
  • One spare box magazine (Total 2 magazines).
  • Box 9mm ammunition (50 rounds)
  • Cellular Phone (Size Fine, Weight negligible)
  • Steel Handcuffs (Size Tiny, Weight 1 pound)
  • Concealed-Carry Holster. This holster is designed to clip onto a belt or pants waistband; other holsters must be purchased at the agent’s own expense if the agent wants to carry his or her weapon in a different position.
  • One set of ICC identification, and passport. This identification authorizes the agent to posses and carry a firearm at all times.

Standard issue to each team is:

  • Medical Kit (Size Medium, Weight 5 pounds)
  • Laptop Computer (Size Medium, Weight 5 pounds)
  • Cellular Modem (Size Tiny, Weight 1 pound)


Top Secret Operations

Unknown to most contracting organizations (i.e. countries) and the public at large, ICC’s specialty is psionic terrorism and control. The emergence of psionic ability combined with modern society and technology has allowed small groups of gifted individuals to wield frightening amounts of power and cause harm to unbelievably large portions of the human race. ICC’s founders saw this, and created a non-governmental organization to help the human race absorb these gifts and their owners into the human family.

Towards this goal, psionic individuals are left alone unless their abilities begin to manifest in an overt or threatening manner. At this point the agent’s discretion becomes the prime determinate of whether the individual is recruited, returned to civilian life, or eliminated as an unstable and uncontrolled threat.

Agents are normally not informed of these operations until after a breaking in period to test their ability to last within the corporation. This policy has prevented psionic ability from becoming public knowledge for many years.




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