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Dedicated Hero

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Dedicated Hero

Some heroes wouldn’t know what to do without a specific cause to live and die for. Remaining steadfast in a belief, a conviction or a code of conduct, a Dedicated hero in the Allow Heroes milieu is someone who can’t be shaken from a task or swayed from an ideal; someone who has the greatest confidence not only in his abilities, but also in his righteousness.

Such Dedicated heroes usually have a particular devotion, a sense of destiny or a clear-cut purpose in life. These heroes are found everywhere, from the devout minister intent on saving the populace from the sins of human frailty and the incorruptible lawman foresworn to protect the innocent to the freedom fighter who takes an oath to unshackle the bonds of oppression holding his people.

Usually, Dedicated heroes possess a strong will, an intuitive nature or just plain common sense. They are usually insightful and understanding even if they don’t always agree with the people they are trying to help. Often, they see themselves as tools of a higher power, or part of some grand design that is much bigger than themselves. Because of this, they are secure in their beliefs, ideals or causes, regardless of exactly what those things might be.

Taking a level in this class shows that the character has a definite focus in life, a prescribed set of goals or ideas that govern his life. Such a focus can be beneficial; no matter what task or adventure the fates have in store.

Dedicated Hero Composition

Ability: Knowing one’s purpose in life goes hand in hand with the Wisdom to understand the world around us. The Dedicated hero must possess the wisdom to understand what he can change and the ability to accept what he can’t change. A keen intellect will help the wisest of warriors to grow and succeed, as will a physical manifestation of his righteousness, whether it is the raw power represented by a high Strength score or the ability to endure hardship endowed by a high Constitution.

Hit Die: 1d4+2

Action Points: Dedicated heroes gain a number of action points equal to 5 + one-half their character level, rounded down, at 1st level and every time they attain a new level in this class.

Class Skill Groups: The Dedicated hero’s class skill groups are Academic, Detective, Educated, Medicine, Perception, Searcher and Wilderness Lore.

Skill Points: 7 + Intelligence modifier.

Starting Feats: A Dedicated Hero begins play with the feats Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Simple Weapons Proficiency and the Dedicated Hero may choose one of the following: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency or Surgery. Characters that multi-class into Dedicated hero do not gain these feats.

LevelBase Attack BonusSpecialDefense
1st +0 Talent +0
2nd +1 Bonus Feat +1
3rd +2 Talent +2
4th +3 Bonus Feat +3
5th +3 Talent +3
6th +4 Bonus Feat +4
7th +5 Talent +5
8th +6 Bonus Feat +6
9th +6 Talent +6
10th +7 Bonus Feat +7



At 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th level, the Dedicated hero selects a talent from the following talent trees. Some trees have a set order that the hero must follow, while others provide a list from which to choose. As long as the hero qualifies, he or she can select freely from any of the Dedicated talent trees. The hero may not select a talent more than once unless expressly indicated in the talent description.

Empathic Talent Tree

The Dedicated hero’s innate talents give him a great capacity for empathy.

Empathy: The Dedicated hero has a knack for being sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others without having those feelings and thoughts communicated in any objectively explicit manner. This innate talent provides a bonus on checks involving interaction skills (Bluff, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, and Sense Motive), provided the hero spends at least 1 round observing his target prior to making the skill check. The bonus is equal to the hero’s Dedicated level.

Improved Aid Another: When a Dedicated hero is successful with an aid another check the bonus granted to others increases by +2. The hero can select this talent multiple times, each time increasing the bonus by +2. This stacks with the Improved Aid Another challenge available for skills.

Prerequisite: Empathy.

Intuition: The Dedicated hero has an innate ability to sense trouble in the air. The Dedicated hero can make a Will saving throw (DC 15). On a successful save, the hero either feels assured that everything is all right, or he gets a hunch that a specific situation is about to turn bad, based on the game master’s best guess relating to the circumstances. The hero may use this talent a number of times per day equal to his character level.

Prerequisite: Empathy.

Healing Talent Tree

The Dedicated hero has a talent for healing.

Healing Knack: The hero has a knack for the healing arts. The hero receives a +4 bonus on all Treat Injury skill

checks and restores an additional 2 reserve points when using that function of the Treat Injury skill.

Healing Touch 1: The Dedicated hero’s ability to restore hit points with a medical kit or perform surgery with a

surgery kit increases by +2 hp.

When using Treat Injury to restore reserve points, the Dedicated hero restores an additional 4 reserve point, which stacks with Healing Knack for +6 total.

Prerequisite: Healing knack

Healing Touch 2: The Dedicated hero’s ability to restore grit with a medical kit or perform surgery with a surgery kit increases by an additional +2 hit points, which stacks with healing touch 1 for a total of +4 hp.

When using Treat Injury to restore reserve points, the Dedicated hero restores an additional 4 reserve point, which stacks with Healing Knack and Healing Touch 1 for +10 total.

Prerequisites: Healing knack, healing touch 1

Insightful Talent Tree

His innate insight serves the Dedicated hero well.

Skill Emphasis: The Dedicated hero chooses a single skill and receives a +3 bonus on all checks with that skill. This bonus does not allow the hero to make checks for a trained-only skill if the hero has 0 ranks in that skill.

Aware: The Dedicated hero is intuitively aware of his surroundings. When making Listen or Spot checks to avoid surprise, the hero adds his base Will saving throw bonus to the roll.

Prerequisite: Skill emphasis.

Faith: The Dedicated hero has a great deal of faith. It might be faith in self, in a higher power, or in both.

Whenever the hero spends 1 action point to improve the result of an attack roll, skill check, saving throw, or ability check, this unswerving belief allows the Dedicated hero to add his Wisdom modifier to the die roll as well as the bonus obtained from the expenditure of the action point.

Additionally, when acting in accordance with his Allegiance the Dedicated hero regains two action points.

Prerequisite: Skill emphasis.

Cool Under Pressure: The Dedicated hero selects a number of skills equal to 4 + the hero’s Wisdom modifier. When making a check with one of these skills, the Dedicated hero can take 10 even when distracted or under duress.

Prerequisite: Skill emphasis plus either faith or aware

Bonus Feats

At 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th level, the Dedicated hero gains a bonus feat. The hero must select the feat from the following list, and some feats may not be eligible for selection until the hero meets certain prerequisites.

Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Alertness, Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Attentive, Blind-Fight, Deceptive, Educated, Far Shot, Iron Will, Medical Expert, Meticulous, Surgery, Track, Weapon Focus


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