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Display: Mental, Material

Manifestation Time: Attack Action

Range: Close (25 + 5/2 levels ft)

Target: One Creature

Duration: 1 round

Saving Throw: Will

Power Resistance: Yes

Power Point Cost: 1

This power clouds the mind of a target so that he or she takes no actions. Creatures of 5 or more HD or levels are not affected. The dazed subject is not stunned (so attackers get no special advantage against him or her), but the subject can’t move or take actions.

Augment: The duration can be increased by one round per additional power point.

The power can affect creatures of more levels or HD by increasing the cost by two. The augmented limit is Manifester Level plus five. An additional two power points can raise this limit further, to character level plus five.

The power can cause the target to be Stunned on a failed save and Dazed on a successful save by increasing the cost by two power points.


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