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Savage Requiem

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Savage Requiem


Setting Rules


  • Blood & Guts - Everyone can spend bennies to re-roll damage. The No Mercy edge is not available.
  • The Masquerade - The world wants the supernatural to stay secret. Witnesses to supernatural events tend to forget or rationalize what they witnessed, footage and recordings are inconclusive or corrupted, and supernatural creatures tend to blend in. Primal aspects of life are aware that things are bleak and dangerous but society remains skeptical of claims of the supernatural.
  • Degenerating Sanity - The world is a dark place that drives humans mad. Even formerly human predators become damaged as they lose touch with their humanity. Mortals have Sanity, as the Horror Companion; Vampires have a similar derived trait called Humanity. Humanity is lost when entering Rötschreck, behaving like a monster (theft, kidnapping, murder, torture, etc.), or when harmed by holy attacks (Shaken). Humanity is recovered just like Sanity.

At Humanity four or less, the vampire can no longer subsist on animal blood; only human or vampire blood can be used for feeding.
At Humanity two or less, the vampire can no longer survive on human blood. Only the powerful blood of other vampires can be used for feeding.
Note that monsters can become Jaded to their own behavior. At low Humanity scores, the character no longer loses Humanity for performing certain acts, usually reflexive actions such as killing a vessel while feeding. The specifics will vary with the character and story, and are at the Game Master's discretion, but deliberate acts of mass murder, torture, or extended malice (such as kidnapping a person to imprison for months) are jarring for anyone that still has some Humanity.
Design note: Humanity loss is either resisted or a player choice. Characters roll to resist entering Rötschreck, and can spend bennies to remove Shaken or Soak wounds before they are applied. Monstrous behavior is a player choice, and loss of Humanity is one consequence of that choice.


Universal Vampire features

  • Undead - +2 Toughness, ingore one Wound level, doesn't need to breathe, immune to mundane diseases, immune to mundane poisons (including alcohol), make a Natural Healing each day, take half damage from piercing attacks (including bullets).
  • Potent Blood - Arcane Background (Blood); Arcane Skill: Vitae (no linked Attribute); Starting Power Points: 10; Powers Known: 2 (one must be from a clan discipline); Backlash: none; Feeding: Must drink blood to regain Power Points (see Feeding below).
  • Feeding - Vampires need fresh blood to stay active; they must spend one Power Point every sunset to get up. Feeding directly from the "vessel" is the most common method to gain blood, though it risks killing the donor. Each round of feeding inflicts a level of Fatigue on the victim and recovers three Power Points for the vampire. Victims Incapacitated by blood loss can die. Blood loss requires five days of light activity and good sustenance to heal one level of Fatigue. To start feeding during battle, the vampire must be grappling the vessel.
  • Healing - Vampires can heal much quicker than the living, but at a price. They make natural healing rolls every day, but must expend one Power Point per attempt. Without blood, and the Power Points it provides, no healing can occur.
  • Immortal - does not age, cannot be killed except by fire, sunlight, or decapitation. If a vampire dies from some other cause they instead go into torpor (a coma-like healing state).
  • Rötschreck / Wassail - If frightened by failing a Fear (terror) check, being Shaken by damage from fire or sunlight, suffering from extreme anger (GM adjudication), or starving (zero Power Points), then roll Spirit to resit going Berserk (as the Edge) with the sole focus of resolving the trigger. Vampires in Rötschreck ignore morality, rules, personal loyalty, and most distractions, granting +2 to resist Smarts Tricks, Tests of Will, and mind affecting powers - notably the Dominate and Majesty disciplines.

          Specifically, Rötschreck is the fear of injury and Wassail is the fear of starvation, but these rules use Rötschreck to refer to all berserker frenzy.

  • Torpor - A resting state that can be entered voluntarily, or reflexively when Incapacitated. Lasts for at least a day and is longer the older, more powerful, and less human a vampire is. See the Torpor Chart. Torpor cannot last longer than one thousand years. Torpor can be ended prematurely by feeding the torpid vampire significantly powerful blood; generally from a vampire at least one Rank higher than the torpid vampire (other equally significant sources may work, as the GM allows).
  • Weakness (Fire) - (un soaked) Wounds caused by fire always cause an Injury. Roll Vigor when that happens; success renders it temporary.
  • Weakness (Heart) - +2 Damage from Called Shots to the heart (-4). This stacks with the normal bonus for a shot to the Vitals, for a total +6 damage.
  • Weakness (Silver & Wood) - Suffer +4 damage.
  • Weakness (Stake) - If a wooden stake pierces the heart (Called Shot, at least Shaken) then the vampire must roll Vigor or be Incapacitated until the stake is removed.
  • Weakness (Sunlight) - Sunlight deals damage based upon intensity of exposure. Filtered sunlight (heavy cloud cover, closed drapes, twilight, etc.) deals 1d10 damage per round. Weak sunlight (thin drapes, reflected in a mirror, light through cloud cover, etc.) deals 2d10 damage per round. Direct sunlight deals 3d10 damage per round of exposure. Pay attention to what body parts are exposed, to know where the new horrific scars will be.
  • Blood Control - Feeding a vampire's blood to others can make those individuals obsessed and subservient to the vampire. Each feeding increases the vampire's influence of the feeder, until near total control is achieved after three feedings. If the character wants to resist the influence then roll Spirit (-1 per previous feeding); on success, no influence is gained and this feeding doesn't count for future resistance.

Providing that much blood is costly, consuming 3 Power Points.
While the feeder is subservient, that doesn't make them loyal. They are junkies listening to their supplier - what the feeder wants and what the vampire wants are not the same.



The five great clans are descended from ancient founders of incredible power, passed along from Elder to Child in the Embrace. Each clan has different physical and mental traits that come with the power, altering the newly turned vampire in fundamental ways.

Minor variations do arise, as a child of one bloodline achieves great heights and passes along their own quirks as a sub Clan. Those are outside the scope of this project.


Daeva: "Emotional, sensual, and desirable."

  • Appealing: Daeva have a lust for existence that all can feel. Charisma +2

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Puissant

Gangrel: "Primal, hardy, and savage."

  • Primal: Spirit d6 and maximum is d12+1.
  • Hardy: Vigor d6 and maximum is d12+1.
  • Savage: -1 to all Smarts rolls.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience

Mekhet: "Quick, discreet, and wise."

  • Quick: Agility d6 and maximum is d12+1.
  • Clever: Smarts d6 and maximum is d12+1.
  • Cursed: +4 damage from Fire and Sunlight

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate

Nosferatu: "Stealthy, strong, and terrifying."

  • Stealthy: Stealth and Streetwise start at d6.
  • Strong: Strength d6 and maximum is d12+1.
  • Unnatural Form: Mutated features mark Nosferatu as obviously inhuman. This makes them easy to spot and track in public spaces, leaves an impression that even the Masquerade cannot remove, and makes it nearly impossible to socialize with humans (even those aware of the supernatural). Additionally, they suffer -2 Charisma when dealing with non-vampires or Ventrue.

Clan Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Puissant

Ventrue: "Regal, commanding, and aristocratic."

  • Gifted: Smarts d6 and maximum is d12+1.
  • Determined: Spirit d6 and maximum is d12+1.
  • Unstable: Prone to arrogance and madness, Ventrue suffer -2 to Smarts rolls to recover Humanity.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Dominance, Resilience



Disciplines are the magic of vampires. Fueled by blood, each represents related powers and abilities along a central theme. The vast majority are limited to the caster, but can be used as a free action. This does not change the limits on repeating an action.

Clan Disciplines are innate to members of the Clan. These powers can always be learned, either from other clan members or through introspection and meditation.

Other Disciplines can be learned but require instruction. The Crúac, Theban Sorcery, and Coils of the Dragon Disciplines are unique to their associated Covenants and require the student to be a member in good standing. Spreading their secrets is an excellent way to make enemies.


Drawing upon the power of the Beast within to dominate both the natural world and the Beast of other vampires.

Powers: beast friend, confusion (), summon ally (animals only), Confusion (remove or incite Rötschreck)

Notes: The trapping of confusion is to either calm or incite Rötschreck. If a target rolls a 1 on their Spirit die then Rötschreck either ends or begins, as appropriate, including Humanity loss.


Empowering the senses allows a vampire to learn and discern many things

Powers: darksight, farsight, mind reading, clairvoyance*

Notes: Mind reading requires the vampire to look the target in the eyes.


The Discipline of supernatural speed and action, Celerity is a favorite of combatants. While using these abilities

Powers: deflection, quickness, speed

Notes: All powers are self only but can be cast as a free action.


Using strength of will to affect the minds of others, Dominate is a classic discipline used by many vampires. As legends tell, these powers require the vampire to establish eye contact with the victim.

Powers: stun, puppet, mindwipe*

Notes: Requires eye contact with the victim(s).  


Majesty projects a regal and commanding aura that forces certain behaviors. Some effects are general while others are targeted attacks on a single character's will.

Powers: mind reading, puppet, various Edges.

Notes: Mind reading has a conversational trapping; the vampire asks, and the target confesses her sins aloud. Puppet is a clear, authoritative direction to aid the vampire with some task. 


Fear is a primal force, and the fear of lurking predators is deeply buried in all minds. The Nightmare discipline utilizes that fear to transform foes into victims, often stimulating the mind to create hallucinatory threats or recall the darkest of nightmares.

Powers: entangle, fear, slow

Notes: Entangle is limited to single targets. The opposing roll is Spirit, and any rolls to escape are Smarts or Spirit. If a target is affected by entangle then they must roll Spirit or lose 1 Humanity / Sanity.


Utilized to move freely and secretly through both mortal and immortal society, Obfuscate is a powerful discipline.

Powers: conceal arcana, disguise, invisibility

Notes: Conceal arcana and disguise are Range: Self. Conceal arcana can also be used to conceal an item on their person, making it virtually impossible to detect by any means (-6 unless the searcher is specifically looking for that exact object). Disguise makes the vampire appear to be a person familiar to a chose target, allowing for easy integration with a herd of soon-to-be vessels.


Pure physical power and strength, Puissant turns a vampire warrior into a killing machine by magnifying his strength. All Puissant powers are self-only, but can be activated as a Free Action.

Powers: boost Strength, smite, warrior's gift

Notes: Boost Strength can be augmented for +2 Power Points to change the effects to +2 die types or +4 with a Raise. Smite only affects Strength based weapons. Warrior's gift is limited to edges that fit with supernatural strength as their source.


Drawing upon primal forms and animal bodies to augment the vampire's abilities, Protean is a versatile discipline.

Powers: shape change, smite, soil bond*

Notes: Shape change is limited to Novice: bat, Seasoned: wolf, Veteran: lion, and Heroic: bear. Using Protean smite causes the vampire to grow magical talons that shred foes (Str+d6, or Str+d10 with a raise).  


Truly legendary resistance to damage comes from the Resilience discipline. All Resilience powers are self-only but can be activated as a free action.

Powers: armor, boost Vigor, environmental protection


*New power. See below.



Rank: Seasoned

Power Points: 3+

Range: Varies

Duration: 3 (1 / round)

Clairvoyance allows the vampire to perceive people, places, and objects beyond the normal range of the senses. The Range is based upon the results of the Vitae skill roll. Success gives a Range of Spirit x10 miles, while a raise gives Spirit x100 miles. Walls, doors, and other barriers do not hamper clairvoyance, though magical barriers can at the GM's discretion. The vampire can shift her observation location to anywhere within her Range as a free action.

The vampire chooses a single sense to project (usually sight). Additional senses can be added for +1 PP each. Projected senses cannot be used by the vampire's body while this power is active, which can be a serious complication.



Rank: Novice

Power Points: 3

Range: Smarts

Duration: Permanent

Vampires can alter or remove memories, especially useful if they've just done something incriminating. Mindwipe causes the target to forget a period of time defined by the vampire. This power takes five minutes to activate and requires eye contact with the conscious target. The target opposes the Vitae roll with Smarts. Each success and raise of the power removes five minutes of time (no limit). These memories can be from any time in the past.

Mindwipe erases the memories entirely. Unless the victim has specific reason to check, he won't notice the missing time.


Soil Bond

Rank: Novice

Power Points: 3

Range: Self

Duration: 1 hour (1 / hour)

The vampire turns into mist and merges with a vampire-sized patch of natural soil. This renders the vampire immune to mundane or mystical detection, and protects against damage from most sources. The vampire's senses are greatly impeded by this process, inflicting -4 on Notice checks.

Physical attacks cannot affect the vampire, but damage to the bound object will get her attention and force a Vitae roll to keep the power going. Destroying the object automatically ends the power.

At Seasoned rank, the vampire may spend an additional Power Point to bond with wood. At Veteran, +2 power Points allow the vampire to bond to a body of water. At Heroic the vampire can merge with natural stone for +3 Power Points. And Legendary vampires can bond to worked stone (including cement and asphalt) for +4 Power Points.


Altered & New Hindrances


Most addictive substances have no real effect on vampires. Some supernaturals make a living producing recreational intoxicants taht do affect other supernaturals, including vampires. Of special note is vampire blood, which is highly addictive, because it can alter a vampire such that they can only feed on other vampires.
Degenerate (Minor / Major)

Humanity is over rated. As a minor hindrance, base Humanity is reduced by one. As a major hindrance, base Humanity is two points lower.


Altered & New Edges

Rapid Recovery - Double the number of Power Points gained from feeding. Usually six.

Improved Rapid Recovery - Triple the number of Power Points gained from feeding. Usually nine.


Ghoul (Social)

Requirements: Novice, Vampire, Vigor d6+, Persuasion d6+

You've created a ghoul - a human addicted to your blood and thus loyal to you. Your ghoul is an Extra with +1 die type of Strength and Vigor, can function in sunlight, and is loyal to your character. If your ghoul is slain, it takes 2d6 weeks to recruit a new one. You make take this edge up to once per rank, gaing a new loyal ghoul each time.


Ride the Wave (Professional)

Requirements: Novice, Vampire, Spirit d6+

Spend a Benny and lose one Humanity to enter Rötschreck, while still maintaining some control. Retain some semblance of normal morality, priorities, and loyalties, as well as limited tactical ability. Essentially, the vampire is under the effects of the Berserk edge, not Rötschreck.

Touchstone (Social)

Requirements: Novice, Vampire, Code of Honor or Loyal

Humanity is a precious quality that must be nurtured. The vampire has a person or routine that restores and reinforces the self. Increase Humanity by +2.

Penitent (Social)

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+

The monster seeks to stay human. A successful Smarts roll to recover Humanity grants one extra point of Humanity.


Discipline Edges

You must have access to the Discipline, either from Clan or Covenant, to take these edges.
Simple Majesty (Majesty)

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+

Spend 1 Power Point for +2 to all Intimidation, Persuasion, Streetwise, and Taunt rolls for an hour.

Commanding Summons (Majesty)

Requirements: Veteran, Command, Spirit d8+

Summon a creature you have met at least once to your presence before the next sunrise. Opposed Spirit roll, -4 if you've only met them, -2 if they are a sworn enemy. Success, they use the swiftest and most direct methods to arrive at the meeting place and time. Raise, they won't be bothered by the summon until after dawn. This may only be attempted once per target per day.

Coils of the Dragon

Must be a member of the covenant in good standing to take any of these edges.
Coil of the Bane

Requirements: Novice, Special

+2 on Spirit rolls to resist Rötschreck.
Improved Coil of the Bane

Requirements: Seasoned, Coil of the Bane

May stay awake during daylight hours for 1 Power Point. You cannot roll Vitae during daylight and you still have to spend 1 Power Point at sunset to start the new night.
Exalted Coil of the Bane

Requirements: Veteran, Improved Coil of the Bane

+4 Armor versus Fire and Sunlight.

Coil of the Beast

Requirements: Novice, Special

If you spend a benny to resist Rötschreck then you automatically succeed.
Improved Coil of the Beast

Requirements: Seasoned, Coil of the Beast

As Ride the Wave but don't lose Humanity.
Exalted Coil of the Beast

Requirements: Veteran, Improved Coil of the Beast

Completing a hour long ritual removes any chance of entering Rötschreck tonight, excepting for Improved Coil of the Beast.


Coil of the Blood

Requirements: Novice, Special

Mastery of blood has many benefits. You can awaken at sunset without spending a Power Point, though you must have at least one to wake up.

Improved Coil of the Blood

Requirements: Novice, Coil of the Blood

You can feed from animals and humans regardless of your Humanity.
Exalted Coil of the Blood

Requirements: Seasoned, Improved Coil of the Blood

When feeding, regain five Power Points per Fatigue inflicted.

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