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Savage Rifts Stuff

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Various notes and items for use in Savage Rifts games.



TW Items

Amazon Torque: A golden torque, decorated with jewels implying the faction of the creator, worn around the neck and upper chest. Provides the wearer +12 Armor, +2 Toughness, Full Environmental Protection, basic armor senses and communication. Minimum Strength d6, 6 pounds. Upgrades: 4 Minor (2x Armor, 2x reduced weight). 115,000 Credits.



AFC-101 Flying Command Car
This is the kind of car that a Coalition officer and a squad of Dead Boys, or a Psi-Stalker and a squad of Dog Boys, might come pulling up in. It’s not hugely armored, but it’s quiet and has a nearly limitless range and can ascend to 500 feet or as low as 2.
Black Market and Northern Gun knockoffs exist, including the Light Rail Gun. Might be a nice way for your campaign’s Heroes to get around.
Similar in capacity and function to a HMMWV, the AFC-101 is an open-topped troop transport with a light rail gun in a rear pintle mount and seating for four passengers. The front end is stylized like a skull, with the head lamps in the eye sockets. The control console has a standard Coalition sensor and communication suite. The vehicle itself is tough and surprisingly nimble, and the price keeps it competitive with similar products. (1.9 million credits)
AFC-101 Flying Command Car: Size 4, Acc/TS 30/95, Toughness 21 (8), Crew 2+4
Notes: Exposed Crew, Handling 1, M.D.C. Armor, Sensor Suite, VTOL

  •     Light Rail Gun

MI-1010 Desert Fox Hovercycle
The MI-1010 Desert Fox Hovercycle is manufactured by Manistique Imperium and is popular in the Pecos area and out West. It can go up to about 80 feet in the air, and can handle drops up to 600 feet, making it useful for diving off of a cliff onto an enemy or to escape a ground force. It’s not something you’ll see the Coalition ever using, but outlaws and the like are quite fond of it.
It can be fitted with a Light Laser or Mini-Missile Launcher.
The Desert Fox has room for a passenger, but all tasks for the driver and passenger are at -1.
The hover equivalent of a high-quality dirt bike, the Desert Fox is a high quality, high end vehicle with excellent acceleration, precision controls, room for a very small or very friendly passenger, and the power capacity and volume to mount a vehicular weapon system. (525,000 credits)
MI-1010 Desert Fox Hovercycle: Size 2, Acc/TS 20/80, Toughness 13 (4), Crew 1, Remaining Mods 1
Notes: Exposed Crew, Handling 2, Hover


CS Warbird Rocket Cycle
CS Warbird Rocket Cycle: A more recent addition to the Coalition’s military arsenal, this vehicle is slightly bigger and tougher than the AFC-023 Sky Cycle, and packs some nearly impossible firepower. The Coalition sends these out when something truly crucial is on the line, so if a party of Heroes sees a squadron of Warbirds on the horizon, they know they are somewhere the Coalition does not want them to be!
The Warbird is fast, maneuverable, hard hitting, tough, and carries mini-nukes for bombing runs. (Unavailable for purchase)
There are knock-off versions of the Warbird Rocket Cycle by the Black Market and Northern Gun, popular with larger mercenary and private security outfits, that have one less rail gun, no fusion bombs, and an ACC/TS of 15/90. They’re sold under names like “Air Superiority Marauder” and “Sky Assassin.”  (1.9 million credits)
CS Warbird Rocket Cycle: Size 3, ACC/TS 30/180, Toughness 19 (6), Crew 1
Notes: Exposed Crew, Handling 2, Sensor Suite, VTOL, M.D.C. Armor

  •     Dual-linked Medium Rail Gun
  •     2x Dual-linked Light Lasers
  •     4 Fusion mini-bombs, dropped straight down (Range Dropped, Damage 6d6, AP 25, Mega Damage, SBT)

NG Air Superiority Marauder: Size 3, ACC/TS 15/90, Toughness 19 (6), Crew 1
Notes: Exposed Crew, Handling 2, M.D.C. Armor, Sensor Suite, VTOL

  •     Medium Rail Gun
  •     2x Light Lasers



Optic Cloaking Device (2): Sub-dermal implants project a close-fitting field of energy, distorting light and making the cyborg virtually invisible, for a limited time. This requires a Core Electronics Package and Optics Package, and no longer functions if the cyborg has enough Armor Plating to have M.D.C. Armor.
The first level allows the cyborg to vanish from normal vision, becoming invisible for up to five rounds. The cyborg, and all personal gear up to body armor, becomes transparent, though a vague outline is visible. A character may detect the cyborg if he has a reason to look and makes a Notice roll (–2). He may attack a detected cyborg at –2. This has no effect on infrared, radar, radio emission detectors, and has no effect on sound generation. The projectors require an hour to recharge a single round of use.
The implant can be upgraded to cloak the cyborg's thermal signature, concealing the cyborg from thermal imaging, and increasing the penalties to -4. (Strain 2; 100,000 credits)


CS Combat Cyborg Armor

Coalition HellBurster

A heavily armored suit, designed to give Coalition Combat Cyborgs additional armor and weapons, allowing them to go toe-to-toe with Greater Demons and Deevils. Emphasizing armor and firepower, the HellBurster is worn like Power Armor, and can be shed when the armor is disabled, allowing the Combat Cyborg to continue the fight at full strength. A slow design, the HellBurster is most vulnerable to fast and hard-hitting foes.

HellBurster: Size 4, Crew 1, Strength d12+6, Toughness 26 (13), Pace 6
Notes: M.D.C. Armor

  • Double-barrel Ion Gun (use NG-57 range and damage, can fire like double-barrel shotgun, 800 shots) (right arm)
  • Tri-Barrel Medium Laser (turret)
  • 2x Mini-Missile Launcher (shoulders)
  • Mounted Rocket Launcher (8 shots) (left arm)
  • 2x Sword, Silver (Str+d8) (forearms)
  • Hand to Hand Strike Plates (Str+d8, Mega Damage, Silver)

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